The role of online coaching in growing the game of golf

The role of online coaching in growing the game of golf

A key objective for most national and international sports bodies is to increase participation numbers around the world; increase the geographical locations their sport is played in as well as the frequency with which players participate.

The ‘better’ a player is at a sport, or the quicker they get ‘good’ at a sport, the greater the likelihood that they will play the sport more often. This is directly linked to the availability of and accessibility to coaching.

Online coaching in sport is the future. It is a viable, sustainable and scalable method of tuition, especially in areas where the availability of regular 1-2-1 or face-2-face coaching is not readily available due to geographical, transportation and cost limitations (amongst other factors).

Online coaching provides players with greater access to knowledge to improve, enjoy and play the game more regularly and therefore coaches are integral in developing any sport. Although online coaching is available and more coaches are looking to enter the digital era, it is fragmented, costly and exists in isolation.

Unlike in the professional and academic world, no off-the-shelf,global, cost effective software solution is available to coaches that allows them to enter the digital era; add true value to the existing coaching services they provide their clients; capitalize on their coaching services; make their coaching services available to a wider global audience or provide them with the opportunity to generate a new revenue stream….until now!

miSport provides coaches with the means, infrastructure, support and software to enter the digital era FREE OF CHARGE.Plus, each coaching professional will receive their own branded platform as part of the miSport service.

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