The European Disabled Golf Association partners with miSport

miSport Coaching Ltd - http://www.misport.golf/golfer_disability.html - is pleased to be partnering with the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) in their actions to promote golf to existing golfers and invite new golfers to Start, Stay, Succeed and Enjoy the game. The coaching platform - www.edga.misport.golf - will help overcome some of the difficulties golfers encounter when looking for coaches and accessing relevant online coaching.

The pilot is being launched the end of January and a special thanks to those inclusive coaches from England, Australia, Scotland, Holland and Sweden who have agreed to participate. Golfers will be able to benefit from the expertise of experienced inclusive coaches like Craig Thomas of The Golf Academy:

Special thanks from miSport to Mark Taylor – PGA Fellow Professional and Tony Bennett – President of EDGA for driving this initiative forward and making it a reality.

“We at EDGA believe that together everyone achieves more, and we expect our collaboration with MiSport to be beneficial for the game, for the professionals and for the golfers who use their services.” – Tony Bennett – President of EDGA