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Online Learning / Coaching – The Way Forward

The use of learning management systems (LMS’s) in the professional world to access online continuing education relevant to one’s profession is a growing multi-billion pound market.

Equally, the use of LMS’s for home study and vocational training is standard practice. Distance/online learning as a whole is a financially viable, sustainable and scalable method of education and training and, in many cases, is the only way the ‘younger’ generation accesses or consumes learning.

Some interesting stats:

  • It is estimated that between the years 2017 and 2018, the LMS market will grow by about 23.17%, with an estimate of growth from $2.65 billion in 2013 to $7.8 billion in 2018.*
  • The global eLearning Market in 2015 was worth $107 billion, with a five year compound annual growth rate of approximately 9.2% = $127 billion in 2017.*
  • It is estimated that the worldwide mobile learning market will reach $12.2 billion by the end of 2017.*
  • Video content use is increasing. By 2019, video will be responsible for 80 percent of internet traffic around the world. Expect users to share almost one million minutes of video content every second by 2019. Thus, it’s no surprise Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg projects that video will be the most shared content on Facebook within in the next five years.+

Although more LMS companies are now entering the corporate space, they have been slow to enter the sports industry. Most online sports coaching and platforms are aimed at coaching the coaches.

Where coaching is available to the end-user through a platform, it exists in isolation (within a silo), created by an individual or group of coaches mainly for their existing clients. There are limited options available to coaches who want their own off-the-shelf branded coaching platform, especially if they want to generate a sustainable revenue stream therefrom. Also, any association with a platform provider, the businesses use of the system is more prescriptive.

miSport provides coaching pro’s and businesses in the golf sector with the online solution for the provision of coaching, enabling them to provide the end-user / their clients with a more personalized and interactive coaching experience.

A FREE Coaching Management System bespoke for each coaching professional; PLUS revenue can be generated from the platform while adding significant value to the service offering currently provided to clients.

A plug-and-play style platform which allows the business to use it in line with THEIR business strategy, not that of the platform provider!

For more information and to request your own branded online coaching management system, contact Craig at