JD Golf Academy – Adding Value to their Coaching Services

Through the recent launch of JD Golf Academies online coaching platform - https://jdgolfacademy.misport.golf, clients are invited to subscribe to an online account and benefit from a more interactive and personalized coaching experience from the coaching team at JD Golf Academy. As part of their subscription, clients can benefit from an analysis of their swing, which includes reference to coaching videos to reinforce their coaching path. In addition, their account also allows them:

  1. Easy, anytime access to a range of online coaching videos to help develop their game
  2. Store all their coaching video’s in their own ‘library’ for easy access
  3. Keep videos of their swing and 1-2-1 lessons in 1 location
  4. Receive news, updates, offers and tips direct to their account from the coaching team through the ‘Community Board’
  5. Benefit from numerous other features available through their account

See below their instructional video showing clients the ease with which they can record their swing and request a review through their account.