Challenges facing UK Golf Club’s

Various studies have been conducted by numerous bodies on this topic. Golf Clubs are a critical part of the game, protecting its heritage and instilling in its members, especially Juniors, everything we hold dear about the game; Sportsmanship, Etiquette, Courtesy, Respect, Honor, Tradition etc.

Although the number of active participants of the game is increasing, this is not reflected in golf club membership numbers. A key contributing factor is that you no longer need to be a member of a club to play regularly.

Research shows that the key areas for attention are: Financial, Membership & Membership Engagement.

  • Financial – Clubs need to find ways of generating new streams of revenue (outside of membership fees, paid for rounds of golf, food & bar, functions, weddings etc.)
  • Membership – To add value to existing membership offering in order to retain members. A good retention strategy is equally important to attracting new members.

Also, a fresh and dynamic approach is needed to attract lady and junior members, one which is more accommodating and embracing of them.

  • Improve communication with members in a fresh and engaging way. The relationship between golf clubs and their members; how a club engages with its members and listens to their needs, as well as those of the local community is a key challenge in ensuring a club’s financial stability.

The miSport platform and business model has been specifically designed to help clubs meet these challenges, especially the generation of a new and sustainable revenue stream through adding value to a clubs existing membership offering.

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