Carnoustie and MiSport partner to add to the new coaching center Carnoustie Golf Links

Why us?

1The coaching platform affords local, national and international golfers access to a more interactive and personalized online coaching experience from the coaching team at Carnoustie Golf links.

2The platform allows for the 1-2-1 coaching delivered by the Carnoustie coaching team through their state of the art coaching centre, to be complimented and reinforced by easy access to online coaching, while supplementing coaching in instances where golfers are limited in their ability to attend 1-2-1 sessions

3The platform allows the coaching team at Carnoustie Golf Links to be individually profiled and promoted through the growing miSport golfers network

The partnership

Innovative technology is good for any business! Being digitally enabled in the online coaching world we live in is no longer a ‘want’ but rather a ‘need’! Local customers / golfers want to support their local business / coaching pro but for this to happen, the business needs to provide the level of service expected by local customers, in this instance, providing customers with an online coaching resource and personalized, interactive coaching experience of a standard and quality so they do not need to go ‘outside’ of their local pro to access this.

As a sports software company, miSport provides coaching pro’s and golf businesses with the means, mechanism, infrastructure and business support to digitize their coaching services via a subscription services through their own branded and FREE coaching platform. One of the most prestigious golf clubs globally and venue for the 2018 Open Championships, Canoustie Golf Links, will be launching their new online coaching platform: in time for the opening of their new state of the art Coaching Centre:


It has been a pleasure working with PGA Head Professional, Colin Sinclair and his team of dynamic, pro-active and forward thinking coaching professionals. The platform will add significant value to the Coaching Centre by digitally complimenting the excellent 1-2-1 coaching already available from Colin’s coaching team of Keir McNicoll – PGA Snr Assistant Pro, Rebecca Tully – PGA Assistant Pro and Sean Fay – PGA Assistant Pro.

Benefits to Golfers

  • Full Access

    Access their pro or the teams coaching videos at any time

  • Targeted Coaching

    Receive ‘targeted coaching’ recommended specific to their coaching needs

  • Upload Swing

    Upload their swing for analysis

  • Community Board

    Receive communication from the coaching team through the ‘Community Board’ function of their account

  • Store video

    Store video’s of their lessons for instant future reference

  • Junior Golfers

    Junior Golfers – allowing online coaching to be accessed safely and securely without the need to trawl the internet!

  • Interactive experience

    Enjoy a more personalised and interactive coaching experience

  • Other Functionality

    Enjoy the numerous other functionality features of their account

miSport looks forward to its continued association with Carnoustie Golf Links and seeing their coaching platform add further value to the coaching services provided to their clients, new and old.